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Accurate Tracking

Imagine if you could improve security and save time spent on monitoring!

Use GoIndoor ‘s indoor positioning to monitor assets and movements. You don’t need to monitor it all by yourself; save time by assigning to one of your employees.

Receive notifications on specific events (e.g. when someone is in the restricted area). It is both convenient and secure.

Simple to Use Navigation

Quickly and easy set up the high quality and simple to use indoor navigation. You can create points of interest (e.g. toilet, exit) and geozones (e.g. waiting room) on the map.

Your visitors can use live routes customized based on their profiles. E.g., route won’t include stairs if a person is in a wheelchair; visitors won’t see restricted areas.

“But what about the floors?” you may ask. Don't worry; we've got you covered. Using GoIdoor, you can calibrate and manage floor plans with ease.

Targeted Notifications

Let’s face it, sending irrelevant notifications to visitors and customers may spread the word, but it is more annoying than useful.

With GoIndoor you can send notifications to specific people and in a specific moment, depending on the industry. E.g., you can send notifications to customers who are standing in front of your shop longer than 10 minutes or send information about art piece in a museum.

Integrated Point of Interest (POI) Management

We know how frustrating third party POI management apps can be. That is why in GoIndoor you can import and manage POIs, geo-fencing, and micro-fencing directly from the app.

Works Offline

Even in this modern era, in some locations internet might not be available, e.g. underground parking lots and subways. But, indoor navigation is available in this case also, because GoIndoor works offline.

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