Beacon based Indoor Navigation – Zürich Berufsmesse (Careers Fair)


OnYourMap deployed in Q4/2014 its Indoor navigation solution at the occasion of the Zurich Berufsmesse, Switzerland’s largest careers fair with 120 exhibitors and 108 booths.

First up, the event organizer MCH chose the type of beacon we were supposed to use, a reminder that our technology is not beacon-specific. MCH then installed each beacon, another reminder that our technology can be easily used by anyone, not just by the experts or technical profiles. We then used our mapping and navigation modules to integrate the beacons’ data into our platform to offer MCH an easy-to-use Indoor Navigator.

So what were the deployment’s metrics and results?

MCH covered the 10’253m2 of the building and halls with 115 beacons in just two hours. The the time to deploy was a factor lower compared to what can be achieved elsewhere on the market. On top of that, we achieved an excellent accuracy of less than two meters.

The Berufsmesse Zurich experience showed that the optimized OnYourMap platform, SDK’s and tools allow faster and easier deployment, as well as higher accuracy.

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