Comptoir Suisse – Lausanne

© Sylvain Fasel

During the last Comptoir Suisse, in September 2014 in Lausanne,
one of our clients used an already develop mobile and web application to communicate and interact with its workforce in the field. He wanted to offer specific services to their exhibition customers, such as booth owners, on request and also wanted to increase their security and efficiency of the communication with his employee.

Thanks to our Indoor Location platform, this customer was able by using our SDK for localization to embed our technology in this already developed application. Then he was able to localize his workforce and interact with them seamlessly inside and outside.

1 Comptoir Suisse cImplementing the indoor technology into this application was a piece of cake comparing to the roll-out the technology: the Comptoir Suisse is quite a big exhibition. In this context, the time slot which has been allocated to us was only a few hours and only when the booths were already installed. This has leaded us to the incapacity to put our iBeacons where we wanted but only on walls and columns which were far away from each other. Thanks to our Quick setup tools, it took us less than 2 hours to install 149 iBeacons and to deploy the technology in the entire hall of 5000 m2!

Last but not least, taking also into account that it was very crowded – more than 125000 guests, it has been a huge success. We arrived to the targeted accuracy of 2 meters.

Even with all this area and all the people who can cause interferences, our signal was still accurate due to our algorithm. The final results proved that our SDK for localization is ready for all type of areas.

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