Our client, a service provider to large exhibitions, wanted to improve its offer. In some complex venues, visitors were having trouble locating exhibitors’ booths and other points of interest, while others were finding it hard to access out of the way areas. Our client wanted to have the tools to open a channel of communication between booth owners and their many visitors in order to simplify both sides’ experience.

That’s where we stepped in. Thanks to GoIndoor, our client has developed an app which helps organisers, booth owners and visitors get the most out of each event. The app enables the thousands attending, including those with decreased mobility, to pick the most appropriate navigation options, while location and profile-based push notifications help alert visitors to what booths might interest them in the vicinity.

And the booth owners? Thanks to the app, exhibitors now have a clear channel of communication with each of them, so staff can be quickly on the scene if an issue arises.