Finally – Efficient data analysis tools that work for you


Location-based applications generate huge quantities of valuable information. Our statistics module will enable you to take full advantage of that information in just a few clicks, all thanks to 3 filters:

– When

– Where

– Who

Thanks to these filters you’ll be able to develop detailed analysis on any given subject.

The WHEN filter allows you to define the time frame you want to analyse, whether it’s an hour, a day or a month.

The WHERE filter allows you to focus on a specific area in your building

The WHO filter enables you to analyse and group your app users’ behaviour according to their profiles, whether they’re in a certain age group, employees or patients.

These combined filters allow you to paint a detailed picture of where your users are going, how long they’re staying in each place, what they’re looking for and which areas are usually the most crowded.

Want to know how long your 20-30 year old users spend in a particular shop between 12pm and 2pm each day? No problem. Are you concerned parts of your building are hard to find? You can analyse crowd behaviour to be find out which toilets, restaurants or rooms are visited the least.

You can even choose to mix our statistics module with our navigation module to guide users to less crowded areas.

If you’d like to find out more don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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