A hospital recently came to us because their building was proving too difficult to navigate. Visitors and patients were constantly getting lost, while medical staff were finding it hard to locate important equipment.

The hospital building was so complex that we had to improve our turn-by-turn navigation by including pictures to aid the process. Thanks to this innovation, the hospital was able to implement a new system that solved all their issues.

Firstly, they were able to send a notification via SMS to each patient prior to their visit. The SMS contains the date and time of their appointment, as well as a link to download the hospital’s app. The app provides detailed, profile-specific navigation information, such as wheelchair accessible routes, so users can reach their desired location upon arrival at the hospital.

Now patients are able to arrive at their appointments on time, hospital staff can locate equipment and inventory cupboards with ease, while visitors can find waiting rooms, vending machines, restrooms and other points of interest without an issue.