How to reach targeted visitors using GoIndoor


It is easy to setup indoor navigation, get detailed statistics and send push notifications to customers. But, how to reach targeted visitors?


Using information from users’ profile, you can do exactly that. Go to “Settings” in GoIndoor platform and choose which data you want to get from your visitors.

This data will later be used to suit your needs the best way, e.g. for creating navigation paths, sending localized notifications and creating statistic reports.

Creating navigation paths

Each part of a designated route can be set up for use or avoidance based on user preference.

E.g., a public transportation company can ensure elderly avoid stairs or slopes; on the other hand, the mall can steer young shoppers towards a fashion or sports shop.

Navigation path

Creating statistic reports


If you focus your statistics reports on a defined target audience, it will change the way you use your data.

A hospital that has developed an app for its patients and staff can extract information regarding the patients’ waiting time. Thanks to the app’s statistics filter, the hospital can increase the accuracy and reliability of its data by omitting information from the same app sent by its staff members.

Localized notifications

In our previous blog post, we showed how you can create a geofence and trigger four different types of notifications according to user behavior near or in the geofence. Using filter feature you can now personalize notifications based on the user profile. E.g., a museum would be able to trigger an audio guide when a visitor spends 15 seconds in front of an artwork. Of course, the notification would only be triggered if the user had previously notified the app of an interest in that type of art.

Filter target

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