Mobile geo marketing transforms the shopping experience

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Mobile geo marketing uses beacons and geolocation to allow merchants to target customers whenever and wherever needed.

Most people own smartphones, and a number of applications based on beacon technology is growing from day to day. Beacons are small tags based on the Bluetooth Low Energy.
This opens new opportunities to drive store traffic and boost sales.

Mobile geo marketing enables merchants to reach a potential buyer at the best moment, based on the in-store customer journey. For example, merchants can use information about less traveled areas to guide customers to use pre-established indoor routes. This way, it is easier to control on which part of the route customer will receive a notification.

GoIndoor is a white-labeled platform that operates beacons and integrates existing indoor location and navigation applications. It has rich visualization features and enables flow analysis of users/visitors.

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(ICTjournal, édition Juillet-Août 2015)

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