Imadeo – Indoor Location Marketing


Discover the possibilities of Indoor Location Marketing in our upcoming Event

We’re always aiming to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time – now we’ve got the chance to do it in the right place too!

We will present, in partnership with Imadeo, a company specialized in Marketing study and consultancy, what added-value the Indoor Location Technology brings to a mobile application in term of marketing tools.

We’ll be talking about how it enables you to deploy beacons over an entire shop or building with ease, offering unrivalled navigation possibilities. Once our beacons are deployed you can send push notifications anywhere in your building/shop and set them up directly from your office – use them to reach your target audience through micro-located push notifications that activate when someone stands in front of a product. To avoid overloading a client with these notifications you can target each customer according to the time spent in a certain aisle, shop front or area.

Our Indoor Navigation technology can be used to guide customers to any given point of interest, whether it’s a product, an office, or a parking spot. You can create itineraries that match customers interests and profiles and offer new services to your partners by providing them with user profiles that match their products. As soon as your users have the app installed, you can extract interesting statistics and monitor their behaviour indoors.

If this teaser has piqued your interest you can discover even more by attending the event in Lausanne on 9th April. Send an email with your details to if you’d like to be involved.

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