Indoor Location in Parking Riponne

3 Indoor Location in Parking Riponne a

We deployed our indoor location technology in the biggest parking in Lausanne with its 1190 parking spaces and an area of more than 22’000 m2, to improve underground parking’s experience.

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From the street, we could indicate a parking number on the mobile application and start the navigation. We deployed our technology in the underground but also at the external entrances. For the first time we installed beacons on two different floors to enable the continuous navigation and especially the floor switch. It worked perfectly.

Indeed, outside we navigated with GPS and once we arrived at the entrances where our navigator detected beacons the navigation switched to a beacon based one. Then, when we went down the stairs where the map changed automatically to show us the map of the underground parking. Our solution managed alone the transition from outdoor to indoor, thus allow a continuous navigation.

Last but not the least, we installed a push notification at the entrances, so when we arrived at the parking we received a welcome message before to walk down the stairs.



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