Our geeks on the trip to Lucerne

Our geeks outside

Something unexpected happened this month. Our geeks responsible for the realization of indoor navigation got out of their comfort zone and visited Lucerne.

Geek Outside 1

Every now and then, our geeks have an opportunity to go and work in a new environment, preferably with fresh air. This time, well equipped with chips, cola, and laptops, they visited Luzern to test our latest SDK.
The accommodation was beautiful flat with a chimney and a fantastic view of Lucerne Lake and surrounding landscape.

It was a real challenge to test SDK in extreme configurations like open spaces, small rooms with little space to place beacons, rooms with a lot of glass, rooms with dividers in them and so on. But, that was what we were looking for.

After a few days of hard work, they finished the installation, and results were positive, even in harsh conditions, GoIndoor works. But, don’t believe us on the word, get a free trial and check it for yourself.

Free trial

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