A large city’s subway operator came to us in order to improve the mobility experience of its passengers, who were struggling to find their way around its stations’ many identical tunnels. We were tasked with figuring out a way to not only help the subway operator guide people efficiently between platforms, but to enable them to learn more about passengers’ habits.

The application developed with GoIndoor allows the subway to provide a navigation system that can be operated both online and offline. It allows users to input their desired platform into an app and be guided there with ease, all based on individual profiles – those with decreased mobility, for example, will be directed to their destination via an elevator. Passengers are alerted via push notifications whenever a train is delayed or has changed platforms, leading to significant reduction in complaints and confusion.

Collecting data from the app makes it possible to increase efficiency in a number of other areas too. Finding out where the most popular waiting spots on platforms and concourses are, allows our client to adjust the position of their information posters and advertising for maximum impact.