The first Indoor Location beacon-based visitor and lone worker management application


We’ve combined our expertise in indoor location and navigation technology with the security know-how of our partner, Niklas, to bring you the first beacon-based lone worker mobile application.

So, how does it compare with the competition? There are three main differences:

  • We use cutting edge smartphones instead clunky and old devices that other technologies rely on.
  • The deployment cost of our solution is far less expensive than an RFID solution.
  • Two-meter accuracy enables us to include innovative features that are not yet available on the lone worker solution market. E.g. medical staff can know where an injured person is and can be directly guided to that place. It is practical an saves time.

Lone worker solution: Offering complete security without constraints


Lone worker solution makes it easier for security and welcome staff to monitor what is happening using surveillance cameras without tracking employees. Here are some possibilities:

  • Workers can make an emergency call with one simple click
  • Setting up emergency call when the phone is dropped
  • Receiving a notification when user enters prohibited zone
  • Inactivity or no-coworker detection
  • Alarms when they are in prohibited area or when some required equipment is missing.

Visitor Management: Manage your visitors’ access and monitor their behavior

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Applications are available for iOS and Android and technology is easy to deploy. ​

Depending on the permissions, some areas may be inaccessible. Workers and visitor may have different permissions and that would affect what they see on the map.

​​Based on data they entered in the application and above mentioned permissions, routes shown to the user may vary.

All options available for lone workers can be offered to other users in different situations, e.g. elderly people in a retirement home.​

It is easy to start and try these options with our free trial.

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