What is GoIndoor?

GoIndoor is a solution developed by OnYourMap. A tool that allows you to add indoor navigation to your apps and enables smartphones to tell you all you need to know about any indoor location. Whether you want to guide your visitors, track your assets, send notifications or provide information, GoIndoor makes it possible.

You can use GoIndoor in different places:

  • Hospitals by finding your equipment
  • Public Transports by finding your point of departure
  • Retails by increasing your basket size
  • Museums by getting your personal guide
  • Airports by improving your mobility experience
  • Parking by locating your car
  • Campus by reaching the right lecture on time
  • Events by finding your booth

With GoIndoor, you can send notifications to specific people at the right place and at the right time. Let them know about their surroundings, send promotions and share information when needed.

Moreover, GoIndoor allows pinpoint the exact location of an asset in real time and be guided to it hassle-free. Get notifications if any assets move unexpectedly within your building.

GoIndoor also offers real-time user positioning, perfect for lone workers or for hospital patients who have to stay in protected areas.

As well, GoIndoor can create multiple routes to the same destination according to each user’s profile. A person with reduced mobility, for example, will only be guided via elevators.

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