Worried about beacon maintenance ? Relax, we have the solution


http://foxinsane.com/googles-beacon/First of all, thanks to our Smart Triangulation technology, indoor navigation and location will continue to work when a beacon cuts out.

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Once a beacon stops working our technology will let you know immediately, allowing you to react as quickly as possible.

So, how does it work?


Thanks to our Quick Setup Tool application, your maintenance agents can easily see if there are any defective iBeacons / Eddystones and pinpoint their location.


Once three anomalies have been recorded on a single beacon its marker will turn yellow until an agent can check up on it.




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The agent will then have four options:

  1. The beacon is no longer where it was first positioned, so the agent updates the status from “Needs maintenance” to “Lost”.
  2. The beacon is broken, so the agent updates the status from “Needs maintenance” to “Out of order”.
  3. The beacon looks ok but a scan reveals the battery is dead. The agent updates the status from “Needs maintenance” to “Dead battery”.
  4. The beacon looks ok and once a scan is performed no problems are detected. The agent changes the beacon’s status from “Needs maintenance” to “Ok” – it was a false alarm.

All the information regarding the beacons is also available on our web platform.

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